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How do you feel about the way the media covered the hacking story?

Well, it’s a fine line between reporting on something that’s happened versus exploiting something that’s happened at the expense of people’s privacy. The bottom line is it’s a criminal act and these people are invading people’s privacy.

What compelled you to put out that quite classy response on social media?

Actors are public figures and when you’re put in that unfortunate position you sort of do feel like you need to say something. I think people appreciated it.

Will you be catching up with family here in Australia?

My whole family lives in Poland so it’s just Mum and Dad here in Sydney so it’s nice to see them. I haven’t seen Mum for a year and a half.

Congratulations on Astronauts Wives Club.

It’s a ten part miniseries which is really great. It’s a real lady, her name is Rene Carpenter and she was the wife of (Scott Carpenter, Mercury astronaut) back in the 60s. I’ll be in New Orleans for five months (shooting). I’ve read the first three episodes and I love the writing.

And it’s not an action role …

No guns! I’m really excited by that.

How do you think you went as a female Jack Bauer?

It was a bit of pressure. You’re going up against an extremely established character and they’ve clearly written the role to be a match for him so I felt I had to come in very prepared and ready to go with some strength and some balls as this character. I think in the end the chemistry was pretty good.

What do you know about the 24 movie?

There are rumours … I think it’s something that gets talked about because journalists always pose the question and so we have to answer something.

And talking of rumours the producers are considering casting you as the lead in a 24 spin-off …

Never say never. I take things moment by moment. That’s the only way you can navigate a career. I don’t’ know, you never know whether they’re serious or not, we’ll see.

I understand you used to be addicted to sugar?

Yes (laughs) One day as a kid I tried chocolate and fell in love. It went beyond your regular chocolate sugary addiction, I mean I could eat a litre of Nutella a week easily and on top of that packets of Tim Tams and boxes of chocolate. I finally decided to go cold turkey. It’s been four years now and it’s just dramatically improved my skin, my energy, everything.

How did you start surfing in your new home town of Malibu?

I’m embarrassed to say I grew up scared of the ocean and the water. I was heading down to the beach with a girlfriend and she insisted I meet her other two girlfriends who are surfer girls … and the next thing I’m go I’ll just give it a go for fun. The second I felt that feeling of standing up and catching an actual wave I was hooked. It’s just a great feeling.

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24: Live Another Day Deleted Scenes

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Yvonne Strahovski’s Real Life Scary Scene

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Fandango Nerd HQ Interview Screencaps

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Missy Peregrym Twitter Pic

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EW Zachary Levi Takes Us Inside Nerd HQ Screencaps

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Yvonne Strahovski Lives Another Day

This Aussie is taking the acting world one kickass role at a time.

Whether you know her from 24: Live Another Day, or recognise her from Dexter, one thing’s certain: Yvonne Strahovski is smashing it.

We caught up with the Australian actress while she was in Sydney to talk spinoff rumours, sexism in the biz and how she really feels about Vegemite.

You got to play a bit of a badass in 24: Live Another Day. What was that like in comparison to the other characters you’ve played?
It was pretty incredible. I knew that the writers had written that role to be a female character that went head to head with Jack Bauer, so in a way I was becoming the female Jack Bauer and really felt like I had to come prepared to this job with a certain amount of strength for Kate Morgan and confidence. She has an impulsive streak as well, so it was a lot of different character traits, but there was definitely a little pressure to go head to head with Keifer’s character.

You’ve played some really strong characters in your time. Are there any that you miss in particular?
I have very sentimental and nostalgic memories of the characters that I’ve played. I’ve poured my heart and soul into them when I’m working on them. I think a lot of them have been quite intense, so it’s a little intense working on them. It can be a little bit stressful when you’re in that zone, and you have to be. Especially with 24: Live Another Day, it’s an ongoing process. There are 12 episodes, there’s not just one script, you’re getting them every week and it’s an ongoing thought process and continuous work.

Your character is so popular, there’s been rumours saying that she’s going to get her own spin off. Is there any truth to that?
I’m certainly not the one to answer that because I’m not the head of the studio or the network, so I don’t know. I know that obviously it’s been a very successful franchise and it was incredibly successful throughout the eight years that it was on telly, then it had the four year break and then we came back with Live Another Day when I joined the show. I guess it was a really nice surprise to see how well it was received and how well it rated, because you just really never know. It’s not like a lot of people do something like this, where they bring back a show after four years of silence. It was almost in a way some kind of an experiment, I think. It was really positive to hear all the positive feedback.

What kind of role would you like to tackle next?
I mean, there’s something in the works that I can’t quite talk about just yet, which is something that I’m really excited about! It’s sort of a period piece, a different era, so that will be really exciting. I’d love to keep exploring different genres and I feel like I’ve been lucky enough to have done that so far, in theatre and film and television and it would be great to do a classic love story one day, maybe go back to some Shakespeare in theatre.

What’s something you’ll never do again?

I quit eating sugar four years ago, cane sugar and corn syrup and all that stuff, so maybe I’ll never eat sugar again. But maybe when I’m 105, because I’m going to live until I’m 105, and I’m on my death bed I might just eat a jar of Nutella one more time.

Being an Aussie, are there any slang words that you find don’t translate in LA?
Yes, words like ice block, slippery dip, capsicum. Just words in general, Aussieisms. I don’t use them anymore because when I’m there, they barely understand you with an Australian accent. Often when I’m on the phone ordering a food delivery I just go into my American accent because it’s just easier than the other person on the line going, “I’m sorry, what? Excuse me? I didn’t catch that.” You think, I’m just going to be America.

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Zach Dishes On Nerd HQ At Comic Con 2014 Screencaps

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Yvonne Strahovski to Reteam With Chuck Creator on Astronaut Wives Club

The Astronaut Wives Club just got a lot hotter — like, burning up upon re-entry hotter — thanks to the addition of Chuck alum Yvonne Strahovski.

The actress will join the upcoming ABC series’ cast, reports, giving her the chance to once more work with Chuck co-creator (and Astronaut co-executive producer) Josh Schwartz.

The new drama is penned by Gossip Girl‘s Stephanie Savage, Schwartz’s co-EP, and follows a group of women who support their star-bound husbands during the 1960s space race. The action follows Lily Koppel’s 2013 bestseller, which chronicles the lives of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo mission crews’ spouses.

Strahovski’s Rene Carpenter is the wife of Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter, a modern woman whose passion for issues like civil rights will cause conflict with some of the other wives.

The cast includes JoAnna Garcia Swisher (Once Upon a Time), Odette Annable (House) and Strahovski’s Dexter co-star, Desmond Harrington.

Though the period drama originally was set to premiere in summer 2014, production was halted in April while the series’ concept was expanded. The network has now tentatively scheduled Astronaut Wives Club for midway through the current TV season.

Strahovski, who spent five seasons as Chuck‘s glam spy Sarah, most recently appeared as CIA field operative Kate Morgan in 24: Live Another Day.

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Another Daily Telegraph Photo and Article

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Australian actor Yvonne Strahovski may have wrapped up her role as CIA agent Kate Morgan on 24 Live Another Day, but she hasn’t ruled out a return.

“Never say never. I’ve been involved in a lot of different shows that have similar parameters that allow for another season or a movie,” she said.

“There is always a lot of talk.”

Strahovski, who is about to start working on a new project in New Orleans, was in Australia last week to promote the release of 24: Live Another Day on DVD and Blueray.

“24 is such an iconic show. It’s very unique in its own right. It’s not something I had every really done,” Strahovski said.

“Although I had played a CIA agent before (Chuck) this character was so different and that was because of the style of the show.

“It is very dramatic, very real and very raw. I loved Kate’s journey and the constant revelations about her characters history.”

Despite her success in the US television market, including on hit shows Chuck and Dexter, the Werrington Downs girl attributes much of it to her Aussie upbringing.

“I remember living on a cul-de-sac and running around with the neighbours kids,” Strahovski, 22, reminisced about her earliest memories of the area.

“We had emus come quite a lot to our back fence and some kangaroos and I still remember to this day feeding them bits of bread.”

Strahovski said the UWS course helped her immensely throughout her career, particularly when she made her Broadway debut as Lorna Moon in Lincoln Centre Theatre’s revival of Golden Boy.

“A lot of my skills came from university. We did everything from stage work, to operating the sound boards, to marketing shows, and more,” she said.

Strahovski recently starred in the fantasy action film I, Frankenstein alongside Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto, Jai Courtney and Kevin Grevioux.

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