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Here is the full NBC U Summer Q&A of Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, & Joshua Gomez.

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There’s a pretty happening bachelor party in Vegas coming up on @nbcchuck…sweet penile action!” – @joshuaegomez

Q: Why is @zacharylevi so dreamy? A from @joshuaegomez:
He’s the full package of singing, dancing, and 6’4″ full of handsome man meat.

Q: Did you get any say in your wedding dress selection? A from @y_strahovski:
yes! but who knows if the wedding will even happen?!

Q: Do you get to keep any of the clothes from @nbcchuck ? A from @y_strahovski:
Yes, but it’s not like those clothes are all that comfy.

Q: Bigger nerd, you or Chuck? A from @zacharylevi:
I can safely say ME cuz my life is more taken up by @nbcchuck than his is by espionage.

Q from @Snacpack: worst @nbcchuck fan experience? A from @zacharylevi:
all fan experiences are great, even weird/awkward ones.

@zacharylevi describes @joshuaegomez as
“Fun-ny, hysterical, charismatic and a rock”

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