As you may have seen last week, BuddyTV had the chance to visit the set of Chuck. During but a few hours of filming episode 5 of the fifth season, “Chuck vs. the Hack-Off,” we were able to glean a whole bunch of tidbits and spoilers about what we can expect from this potentially awesome episode. Keep reading to find out more.

WARNING: In case you missed it in the title and intro, there are spoilers here. Don’t read anymore, unless of course you want to learn cool things about Chuck. And who wouldn’t?

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Nudity: Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be
As mentioned in the previous spoiler article, there will be a certain lack of clothing on display during “Chuck vs. the Hack-Off.” Chuck and Sarah have to infiltrate the New Age commune of the Church of the Eternal Wind and thus have to dress the part. More accurately, they have to undress the part.

It turns out that, like many weird cult types, Eternal Wind church members aren’t so into clothing.

On the day I visited the set, this meant super-short robes and lots of bare legs. On the previous day, however, it apparently meant a whole lot less. Zachary Levi took a brief break from his directing duties to talk to us and brought up the previous day’s costuming. He described the shoot as time spent in a meditation tent, more or less unclothed.

While the tent itself only included Levi, Yvonne Strahovski and Beau Garrett (guest-starring as Valaria, the cult leader), a whole bunch of extras got to get into the nudity thing too. Not that anyone was really naked — Levi described a lot of flesh-colored, tight underwear on display.

How will family-friendly Chuck get away with this? It may have been a joke, but Levi mentioned a whole lot of post-production blurring as the answer.

Costumes: Not That Much Improvement
Even when costumed, there’s really not a lot of clothing worn in “Chuck vs. the Hack-Off.” This meant some uncomfortable clothing issues for some of the cast. Zachary Levi, in particular, seemed to be having some trouble with a necessary part of his attire.

There had been some speculation among reporters and from Yvonne Strahovski about what exactly could be worn under the very revealing tunics on the set. Fortunately (or unfortunately), Levi cleared that up when he visited with reporters. Pulling up his tunic a mere couple of inches, the man who plays Chuck revealed some tight, inconspicuous undershorts.

It didn’t sound like he was particularly enjoying the experience either. As he told us, “I’ve been wedged for two days.”

Doesn’t exactly make you want to join a cult, does it?

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Have you had enough on-set spoilers yet? No? That’s OK, there will be just a few more coming. Check back in the next few days for a few final spoilers from the set of “Chuck vs. the Hack-Off.”

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