According to Examiner, Yvonne Strahovski wants a happy ending on Chuck. So what comes next after the wedding for Chuck & Sarah. Will there be a baby in the works? “It’s changed a lot,” Strahovski said of the dynamic between characters now that she is knee-deep into the fifth and final season of the show. “I mean, everyone knows now what we do– Ellie and Awesome and Morgan. And Morgan now having the Intersect, it kind of feels like now Chuck and Sarah have a man-child that they have to look after. Originally it was I had to look after Chuck, and now it’s sort of us together looking after Morgan. Chuck not having the Intersect is also something that’s a little scary.”

Could Morgan be a test child for Chuck & Sarah. That’s if they can keep Morgan safe and don’t disagree too much on how to clean up his messes. Can Chuck & Sarah really be ready for parenthood? But Strahovski promised that Sarah has adjusted to married life nicely, even if the commitment may have Chuck not wanting to take as many risks (or not wanting Sarah to take as many risks) on missions.”I think that element sort of comes into play a little bit. We haven’t touched on it too much, but I’m sure it will come up,” Strahovski laughed.

For now, though, the couple is too focused on starting their new life together– a new life which includes a new company, started with money from Volkhoff and which may be hitting a few snags sooner than expected.

“They’ve used a lot of the money to set up their company, so whether or not that money lasts is another issue,” Strahovski teased.

New adversaries will enter the picture, threatening not only the future of this company but also the way they do business, and Strahovski is still hoping that before all is said and done, she’ll get to tackle some of Sarah’s remaining personal demons, as well. Though she has certainly come so far already, there is still the unresolved issue of her mother– who she is and what she may have passed down to her daughter. Strahovski has already gotten to cross off rock-climbing from her “before the end of Chuck” wish list, but she has been so adament about wanting to meet Sarah’s mother for such a long time, we think it’s only fair to tie up her remaining loose end in order to give the character the “happy ending” that Strahovski also really wants.

“If we go down that road and we explore Sarah’s mother’s sort of stuff, I’m curious who they would cast as that, and I always say it would be great if it was someone like Uma Thurman– you know, because of the whole Kill Bill thing,” Strahovski pitched to us.

And speaking of the soon-to-be famous ending, after season after season of being on the bubble and not being sure if the finale they were writing would be the last moments of the show ever seen by fans, Chris Fedak and his writing team now have the end in sight and are working hard to make something that will satisfy everyone.

“I feel like it’s the most fun we’ve had together as a group…It’s very bittersweet in a way. It’s nice to know we have an ending we can write towards that the fans will be happy with,” Strahovski sounded off. “It should be a happy ending. Maybe they all run away– as a family. I mean, everyone, just to some tropical island because they’ve made a lot of enemies!”

Sound good to you? Don’t worry; if you think that seems too easy, it’s probably not the route they’re taking. Strahovski admitted to not even asking the writers what the ending will be– not yet anyway.

“I haven’t asked, and I was trying to figure out why I haven’t asked yesterday, and I think it’s just because I don’t want to know!” She explained. “I want to keep plodding along like we usually do, where they give us the script a week before we shoot it, and we work it out, and it keeps an element of surprise for me.”

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