The gals that watch with Kristin on recently picked their choices for who they’d like to see play certain fairytale characters on “Once Upon A Time.” They had some pretty great choices that the powers that be (aka casting!) should get on! However, there’s always room for some competition—here’s a look at their choices (the ones in bold) and then some different choices that should also be in the running! After gazing at the list, go on and make your own, or agree, in the comments!

Tom Welling Prince Eric

This is a perfect choice. Tom Welling completely encapsulates the wonderful Prince. There are no further suggestions for this role! He’s already played Superman, why not play a prince too? (Rob Lowe also would’ve been a good choice, except, alas, he’s probably a little too old for it now.)

JoAnna Garcia as Princess Ariel

Once again, a great choice. JoAnna is likable, pretty, and a good actress (and already being looked at for this role!). However, with “One Tree Hill” ending, another fan-favorite actress could swoop in and steal the role: Sophia Bush. She’d work just as well as Garcia and has more experience playing dramatic roles. Either one would be a good choice!

Josh Holloway as Robin Hood

Perfect. Suggestion. Another actor who could pull this off, though, is Justin Hartley. He’s already wielded arrows on “Smallville,” so it’d be nothing new! Also, if Welling was Eric, the show would be staging a reunion (if the two were to be in the same episode), which could maybe draw in some “Smallville” fans who weren’t already watching.

Evangeline Lilly as Maid Marian

If Holloway was Robin Hood, then yes, Evangeline would be a nice suggestion for the reunion aspect. Other actresses who could probably pull off this role are Jennifer Garner and Julie Benz.

Colin Ford as Peter Pan

A nice choice. Another up and coming actor who would probably do a good job is “Super 8” star Joel Courtney. He did a great job in the film and would bring a nice energy to the never-growing-up boy.

Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook

Very nice choice, but there’s also Ian Mcshane, (NBC) who’d probably be brilliant as Hook.

Chloe Moretz as Wendy

Amazing selection. However, Abigail Breslin would also probably be great as Peter Pan’s counterpart.

Bette Midler as the Queen of Hearts

Midler would be great as the Queen of Hearts, but if she doesn’t feel like heading over to TV there’s always Heather Locklear. Yes, it sounds like a weird choice, but who can’t hear Amanda Woodward announcing “off with his head!”?

Elle Fanning as Alice

Again, a nice choice, but if they wanted to go for someone a little bit older Hayden Panettiere would be a welcome addition.

Matt Bomer as Prince Philip

There are no other selections here. Matt Bomer for every role! No, but seriously: how could Matt Bomer ever not play a prince…?

Dianna Agron as Aurora

Perfect choice! Except she’s on “Glee.” If she could find time (hey, it’d keep her from singing), then go ahead. But, if not, both Katie Cassidy and Laura Vandervoort would probably be worthy of the part.

Zach Levi as Flynn Rider

It has to be him. He voiced him in the movie, for goodness sake! And with “Chuck” ending we need our Levi fix somewhere.

Amber Heard as Rapunzel

Another solid choice. But about Yvonne Strahovski? (*wink to “Chuck” fans).

And, if you haven’t already heard, Emilie De Ravin will be playing Belle of “Beauty and the Beast.”

There you have it! Hopefully at least a couple of these suggestions (either from eonline or from here…oh who are we kidding, from eonline!) will actually make it onto the show!

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