Disney has released a new trailer for Beauty and the Beast 3D. I don’t really care that the movie is in 3D, although judging by The Lion King, the technology will be used unobtrusively and as a way to provide a little depth to the visuals (although I’ll admit the musical number “Gaston” should be a lot of fun in 3D). I’m just excited that the movie is returning to theaters, and we’ll be seeing it in an hi-def version. Owners of the Blu-ray know how amazing the movie looks and I can’t wait to see the polished visuals on the big screen, especially since I haven’t seen the movie in theaters since Disney released an IMAX version back in 2002.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer. Beauty and the Beast 3D opens on January 13, 2012. Disney has also attached the new short film, Tangled Ever After.

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