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“Chuck vs the Fifth Season: What the stars want to see next year” – So much has changed for Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) in the four short years since he opened a birthday email from a long-lost college friend and received the gift (or curse, depending on from where you may be coming) of the intersect, and though it may look like one chapter of his life (singledom) is officially being closed by his impending nuptials, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty more stories to tell! Needless to say, everyone at the show (and of course, the fans!) must be thrilled today to learn that they are, in fact, getting a fifth season*…

Zachary Levi talks all things nerd (but mostly Nerd HQ!)” – “I have identified as being a nerd my whole life,” Chuck star and Nerd Machine co-founder Zachary Levi told LA TV Insider Examiner. “I mean, I grew up with a Nintendo controller in my hand and X-Men comics in my back pocket…and then of course, doing drama, it doesn’t exactly put you in the cool kid crowd. But it’s funny; I’ve always felt really blessed– really lucky– that even as a kid, you know, while of course there are always those sort of cliques or things that I wished I could have been a part of, or even tried to be a part of, I was pretty content being who I was. And I knew from an early age that you do what makes you happy, and trying to do what other people makes them happy isn’t going to make you happy. Being into Nintendo or comics or drama, that made me happy, and I was happy to be labeled as whatever came along with being passionate for those things” …

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