The physical spaces they occupied—and in which they experienced so much character growth—for years were places the cast of Chuck spent more time in while shooting than at their actual dwellings. The apartments and courtyard were important to series star Zachary Levi, as was Castle, all for obvious reasons, but the one set he got most emotional on was when the lights dimmed on the Buy More.

“Our sets are characters as much as any of the actual characters—particularly the Buy More,” Levi said on the set of the series finale. “The Buy More was a really emotional time. We shot our last scenes there, everyone was kind of cognizant of us and aware of it, and there were about 12 of us there, including Yvonne and I, Josh, and Vik and Scott were still there, and some crew and Robbie, and we were just in a circle, standing in a very dimly lit Buy More because everyone was wrapping out. The lights were down, but we were just standing around in a circle, reminiscing about the show.”


Working on Chuck gave just about every cast member a chance to stretch acting muscles even they didn’t know they had. Yvonne Strahovski never thought of herself as a particularly funny player, but as seasons went on, the show mined her comedic talent more and more while still satisfying her need for deep drama. And those are the notes and tones she is proud of in the finale.

“I have to say that in the last episode, what is happening between Chuck and Sarah is going to weigh heavy on people’s hearts. There’s not a lot I can say without giving it away, but there’s a definite element of sadness that we have to go through to get to the final moment,” Strahovski teased.


The set of Chuck created a pseudo-family—one that each member actually looked forward to seeing day in and day out at work, but one that allowed for good-natured poking at each other, in addition to a lot of love. Joshua Gomez has been one of the biggest pranksters on set, as well as one who has adopted the role of everyone’s kid brother.

“Gomez is hilarious to work with. He always brings the pizzazz to the scene,” Gomez’s more recent scene partner Adam Baldwin entirely seriously gushed. “I’m just the quiet sniper button that gets to hopefully close it out if the writers give me a good line at the end. But I just play off of him and roll with it. We were joking about putting together an Of Mice and Men production, off Hollywood Boulevard. I bet that would be great.”


The spy world has seen a lot of toys over the last few years—toys which Warner Bros. will surely want to archive, but which the cast would take home with them if they could.

“I definitely want just a couple of fun Buy More signs,” Gomez spilled. “Zac was like, ‘I want the Nerd Herd desk!’”

“Some of the weapons; some of the Reagan paraphernalia,” Baldwin rattled off his wish list.

“Can I get my Porsche?” Strahovski joked. “I would take my gun, if I could, but we can’t do that. Not that I own guns, by the way. Just to clarify that.”


The world of Chuck met a lot of great people along the way—from guest stars like Scott Bakula, Linda Hamilton, John Laroquette, Arnold Vosloo, and Tony Hale, who Levi admitted he never wanted to leave. But most importantly, there were the fans of Chuck who showed up week in and week out and fought hard to have another week and another season. From screaming at Comic-Con to buying Subway sandwiches to wearing NERD T-shirts with pride, above it all, Levi could mostly think of the fans at this bittersweet time.

“I can only imagine if it’s hitting us [this] hard, I can only hope and assume it will hit fans the same way. But it’s good. It’s cathartic; it’s therapeutic; it’s not necessarily tears of joy, but it’s tears of love, and I hope that the fans all feel that. And I do think that—one of the things I’ve always heard is that part of the reason why we can maintain what we have is people can feel the fun we have, you know, transcend the television screen, and if there’s any truth to that, then I can only assume that they will feel the love and the emotion that we felt doing all of this together [for them].”

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