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With only four more episodes of “Chuck” left, Zachary Levi is reflecting back on his time on the show. He gets a little gooey but he seems like he means it when he says “it’s a really surreal experience to have journeyed so long and hard with such an incredible family of cast and crew and fans that have been so passionate and loving and supportive, and genuine and awesome.” Levi also points out that five years of “Chuck” seems like “the perfect amount of time to do the show.”

He says he’s “a firm believer in leaving people wanting more as opposed to leaving them feeling like ‘All right. Enough already. We get it. We’re over it.”‘ The final episode of “Chuck” will run two hours on January 27.

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By Kayla
Jan 4, 2012

Omg only 4 episodes Left… That just made me soo super sad!!! It just made it soo real!!

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