Yvonne Strahovski delivers some painful blows as tough CIA hottie Sarah Walker on Chuck. But it was at an Allure shoot where hairstylist Chris McMillan gave her a sexy, shoulder-skimming bob that she showed her ability to roll with the punches as McMillan lopped off her hair. We asked Strahovski what she thought of the look—and for more, check out “The New Rachel” in the January issue and our behind the scenes video of the shoot.

What did the cast and crew of Chuck think of your cut? “Everyone loved it. I’m still getting compliments on it. And I really didn’t expect it—the shorter it became, the more I fell in love with it. It’s so much easier to handle now. I wake up and it’s in place. I wish I’d cut it sooner.”

What was your first thought when Allure approached you to cut your hair off for this story? “I was hesitant at first, but of course, when you’re in the hands of somebody like Chris McMillan, who does amazing work and has such a good reputation, it became the perfect excuse to have a cut I wouldn’t have done otherwise.”

On the set, you found out that McMillan wanted to lighten you hair. How did you react? “I got a little bit scared, but he kept it blonde; if it were green it would have been a different story. It brightened my face.”

Your face looks pretty bright as it is. Any tricks? “I use a cleanser, a scrub, and serums from MyChelle. I also use a Neutrogena face wash, which is great after working long hours with loads of makeup.”

Have you learned any beauty skills from being in the makeup chair at work? “I’ve learned so much—even just putting on eyeshadow. That you use three different shades. I also learned to smile to make my cheeks stick out when I’m applying blush in an upward motion along my cheeks. I was a bit of a joke when it came to doing my hair and makeup at first. I was a bit of a tomboy. I’d never really walked in high heels until I got this job.”

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