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NBC entertainment president Bob Greenblatt wasn’t around when “Chuck” hit the air four years ago. So he has no reason to beat around the bush when it comes to why it seems like the network is burning off the final season of it’s geektastic show.

“Have you seen the ratings for ‘Chuck?’ Unfortunately, that rabid fan base that was going crazy on the ‘Net didn’t come to the show,” he told reporters after his TCA press conference. “Maybe they didn’t come to the show because it was (on) Friday, but you’d think the audience would find the show. The show was doing a 1 rating. So I think ‘Chuck’s’ time had come.”

Granted, the show is in a Friday night graveyard, but it also isn’t available anywhere else; not on demand, not online, not anywhere but Friday nights on NBC. So maybe the viewers aren’t leaving the show; they just can’t find it. But Greenblatt seems to be convinced that the audience isn’t there.

When asked if the network is purposely burning off episodes — it was pretty much the only network show that aired new episodes during the holidays — he said they were, punctuating his affirmation by saying, “‘Chuck’ is over. Let’s alert the masses.”

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By o2binlaalso
Jan 7, 2012


By o2binlaalso
Jan 7, 2012

J E R K!!!!!!!!

By Katm123
Jan 7, 2012

Did Mr Greenblat ever think that Friday night is a big night for school activities–things like High school & college football, etc? a major demo for chuck is male, 18-49. that covers alot of males in the age group. when zac, yvonne, adam, etc make it bigger–more famous–mr greenblat will be kicking himself.

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