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CHUCK, the NBC TV series ended its run after five seasons of producing the most original script-writing, colorful and dynamic cast, and state-of-the-art filmmaking.

The story-line from week to week was dramatic and consistent, prevalent to real world intelligence, yet provided weekly comic relief and the last ten minutes you cry from all the pain and all the joy brought forth each and every episode.

What really made the show, if any single components could be isolated as the secret of its success as high quality entertainment and educational programming it would be the integrity of the characters, their gelling as a unit, and their ability to evolve most notably: emotionally. The other notable ingredient that made the five season series so special was the brilliance demanded to navigate through complex situations both small and great and to overcome intense circumstances that would have national importance and global repercussions had the trio of Chuck, Sarah, and Casey not continually found a way to outwit the most clever of foes, escape through the use of intelligence and the manipulation of advanced technology and the sheer firepower of the two trained assassins assigned to develop Chuck as a spy and protect and classify the world’s most powerful classified creation, the intersect that was planted inside Chuck’s head opening night way back in season one.

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