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Zachary Levi was just one of many people in attendance at the 2012 Golden Globes — and thankfully, he took some time out from dancing at the afterparty and enjoying the show to share some details about the final season of “Chuck.”

Speaking per TVLine, Levi promised plenty of moments within the final episode that will make people look back at the entire series:

“There are nods to the pilot and the first few episodes of the first season. We come full circle on the characters and the relationships. There’s a lot of Square 1 stuff, and I think the fans will get a real kick out of it.”

The “Chuck” finale has been guarded almost like Fort Knox ever since it was filmed late last year, and all we know for sure is that the show is going to focus on something that is “taken” from Chuck and Sarah, and there could be some sort of sad element to it.

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