Goodbye, Chuck Bartowski

I love television. (Obviously.) And while there are shows that I love for their brilliant writing, or their creative storytelling, or perhaps just the way they continually keep me on my toes, sometimes I love a show just for being, and stick with me here, fun to watch. Chuck has been one of those shows. Not that it hasn’t been brilliant and creative and all of that. But here’s the thing – I didn’t really care if it was. All I cared about was the show.

Chuck started several months after I had just said goodbye to another Josh Schwartz creation, The OC. The shows are obviously not anywhere close to the same type of series – for instance my husband loves Chuck, but runs out of the room whenever he hears the song California start, indicating I’m about to embark on a trip down memory lane with the Newpsies. Of course, there is one common denominator – that Josh Schwartz-esque lead character. If Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) had been a little more tech oriented he could be Chuck Bartowski. So it is no surprise that not even 5 minutes into the pilot I was in love with Chuck. And, of course, Zachary Levi. I won’t get into my reaction upon finding out that Zac is also a talented singer and dancer. Let’s just say there was a fairly decent amount of swooning.

And with that character, a love for a show was born. And it wasn’t just Chuck/Zac. Yvonne Strahovski made Sarah Walker more than just a pretty girl who can fight. She could be as delicate as she was badass. Watching her fall in love with the goofball Chuck was both engaging and frustrating every time they took one step forward and two steps back. But the writers didn’t let us down and not only did they get Chuck and Sarah together, but they let them get married and become one of the more solid married couples on television (minus that one little problem of Sarah losing all her memories last week…. but let’s not think of that.)

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