Zachary Levi doesn’t have any regrets that Chuck is ending with only a 13-episode fifth season.

“I don’t feel like we were cut short, as difficult as it is to shut this last chapter on this journey,” he told reporters at a December set visit for Chuck’s two-hour series finale (Friday, 8/7c, NBC). “I think five seasons is actually a really good amount of time. … For something like this, which is definitely story arcs and serial, how many bad guys and missions can you go on before you feel like you’re repeating the same thing? So I feel like we’ve gotten a really perfect amount of time together and it’s been special from Day One.”

After five years of the geek getting the girl, far-flung fantasy spy missions and a cavalcade of nerd-dom’s finest guest stars, it’s easy to see why Levin isn’t exactly complaining. In fact, he and his fellow castmates were only too happy to reminisce.

Check out the Chuck cast’s memorable moments and their emotional reaction to the final season:

Yvonne Strahovski, “Sarah Walker”

“I love the Thailand episode, ‘Phase 3.’ There are so many moments, though. I think, in particular, this season has been one of my favorite ones. We’ve bonded a lot more, knowing that it’s the end, especially the last month. We’ve been hanging out a lot more, as a cast, and just allowing ourselves the time to soak it all up before it all ends.”

“I can’t stop crying. I cried every day, this whole month. I’ve just been crying, every single day. I’m going to cry now. It’s horrible. I cried yesterday when I did my last fight scene, ever.”

Zachary Levi, “Chuck Bartowski”

“I love that the people who have played my parents in the show have both kind of been — you know, Linda [Hamilton] is like a mom on set, Scott [Bakula] was like a dad on set. He and I had a lot in common. He imparted a lot of wisdom to me. His journey on Quantum Leap was similar to mine here, in that it was like all day, every day, go, go, go, crazy hours… In the pilot [I remember] McG yelling for me and Josh… I brought my Xbox and ‘Gears of War,’ which had just come out, the original, and I had hooked it up to a flat-screen in our store, and we were just sitting there playing between takes, and constantly McG going, ‘Guys! I need you! Come on!’ And pause it, run back, and then go and play some more. That pilot was just a really magical time. It’s crazy to think that it’s been five years since we did that. And yet at the same time, it’s like any memory like that: It seems like it was yesterday, and it seems like it was a lifetime ago.”

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