My Mother’s Curse, a road-trip comedy starring Seth Rogen and Barbara Streisand as the traveling mother-and-son combo, has ditched its old name in favor of The Guilt Trip, according to a release from Paramount, which also confirms that the comedy still is on target for a Nov. 2 release date.

The new title might be a little more generic, but it also makes sense according to the plot as we know it. Rogen’s character, Andy Brewster, reportedly will be taking his overbearing mother, Joyce, on a trip to reunite with a long-lost love interest, only they encounter multiple obstacles along the way. In an old story, we noted that the duo would get caught in a blizzard, which I’m assuming can still happen. I doubt very much about the movie will change along with this title switch. My Mother’s Curse probably didn’t test well as a title, and so it’s out the door.

What else do we know about Guilt Trip? Well, The Proposal director Anne Fletcher works from a screenplay by Dan Fogelman (Crazy Stupid Love, Tangled). Rogen’s character also is an inventor, and he’ll be trying to peddle his latest creation on the trip. And the comedy co-stars Adam Scott, Colin Hanks, Yvonne Strahovski, Casey Wilson and Danny Pudi. That’s a solid ensemble of versatile TV comedians who no doubt will be able to translate some laughs to the big screen. Now that the title is worked out, we’re sure to see a short teaser trailer soon, hopefully one that shows off Rogen and Streisand’s comedic chemistry, as that will have to be the backbone of Fletcher’s film.

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