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Good news, Chuck fans!

Zachary Levi says he still hasn’t completely ruled out recording a music album.

But before he steps into the studio, could a guest spot on Glee be first for the TV star?

Yes, if they’d just ask him already!

“I do want to utilize singing more in my career,” Levi told us last night at the Alzheimer’s Association’s A Night at Sardi’s event in Beverly Hills. “I’ve had a lot of fans on Twitter and whatnot say, ‘Go and do Glee. Go and do Smash.’ ”

He continued, “I do have friends on both shows, and if they were to come to me and say, ‘Hey, this is a great role for you. We’d love for you to do it,’ I’d have a hard time saying no.”

While we wait for Ryan Murphy to call, Levi says he’s still a little hesitant to finally make his leap into the music world.

“I might record an album,” he dished. “Even that’s kind of very weird. Singers are embraced in Hollywood to be actors, but if you’re an actor and you want to go do an album, everyone in the music industry is like, ‘I don’t buy it.'”

The hunky actor also spilled on filming his upcoming Fox pilot Let it Go. “I play this guy who can’t let things go when it comes to the social contract,” he told reporters. “When [people] walk their dog down the sidewalk and let it crap on the sidewalk and they don’t pick it up, I won’t let that go.”

“It’s really funny,” he said. “It’s got a lot of heart and charm.”

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