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Venables: I was psyched when I found out that you wanted to be a judge for the National STEM Video Game Challenge! What prompted you to want to be a judge for this great panel?

Levi: I guess there are a few things to factor in. One, I started a company called The Nerd Machine. I’m very passionate, particularly about technology and gaming and the future, and where technology is going to take all of us and how that’s going to affect life in general overall, including education. I’ve been a huge fan of video games since I was born. I mean, I’ve played every iteration, almost, of every console and tons of games. And my mom always used to defend me to my dad or step-dad saying “well, it’s probably [good for] my hand-eye coordination” she would say. And the reality is that there are studies, there have been quite a few studies on gamers and the effect of gaming, both positive and negative. Obviously you have a lot of kids who spend too much time indoors, not enough outside, not enough exercise — I get that. Although I think that’s going to change, with augmented reality and virtual reality, as we get farther in. [Read the full interview here]

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