Could Dexter finally have a female villain?

The way Yvonne Strahovski talks about her new character, Hannah McKay, she sure has all the makings! Dexter returns to Showtime tonight, and naturally, Chuck fans cannot wait to see what the woman formerly known as Agent Sarah Walker has up her (eeevillle?) sleeves.

“She’s a dark and mysterious woman,” Yvonne tells me of Hannah. “She doesn’t come off that way initially, but she has a past and I can tell you that it’s very different than anything I’ve played before. Most people know me from Chuck where I played a CIA agent, where I was on the side of the law, and this time I’m not part of any law enforcement agencies.”

Because…your character is horribly, horribly devious?! Mayhaps?

All we know is we are really hoping for a female nemesis for Dexter Morgan (Michael C.Hall) this year, given that the only one he ever had was Lyla back in season two. And she wasn’t even the slightest bit nefarious until the final few episodes. Yvonne would do it up right, mmm-kay!

We also know Hannah (Yvonne) will be working with Miami Metro—at least initially—to help in a major homicide investigation. And she has spent the past several years trying to get away from some sort of horrible and haunting past with an older man she fell in love with. (Shades of Deb/Liddy, and Lumen.)

We’ll have to wait beyond episode three, when Yvonne makes her debut, to know more, but for now we can tell you that the fan favorite is pinching herself to get to play such a huge role. “I watched all six seasons [of Dexter] back to back in three weeks,” she tells me. “They called and said would you like to play this role of Hannah McKay, and explained it to me, and it took me all of three seconds to say yes.”

Oh, and in case any movie studio bigwigs happen to be reading: Yvonne also would say yes to a Chuck movie, which the fans still very much want!

“I’d say the chances of it happening are 50/50,” Yvonne says of the Chuck movie. “It’s kind of in the hands of the studio, if they want to go ahead and do it. I think we’d all be up for doing it. And it would be so much fun! We’re all still friends and hang out.”

Just in case though, Yvonne acted out the moment Chuck fans have been desperate to witness, ever since the series finale left Sarah’s (and Chuck and Sarah’s) fate hanging in the balance, with her complete memory loss intact. (Booo….)

But fear not! Yvonne stepped in front of our E! cameras and gave the people what they want.

“Oh my God, I remember everything!” Yvonne (as Sarah) gushed. And now that we have it on tape, we have proof that Sarah remembered everything and Chuck and Sarah lived happily ever after with lots and lots of memories and lots and lots of babies.

This is science, people. Don’t dispute the facts.

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