ETonline: Zachary, how important is it to like the character you’re playing?
Zachary Levi: I think for a series, it’s incredibly important. For a film, less so. I’m looking forward to playing some really despicable characters at some point in my career so I can branch out and stretch those acting muscles. But I wouldn’t want to do that on a regular basis. It would be hard on a show — and those hours are tough enough already. Alexis and I would sit on set and commiserate about working on Gilmore Girls and Chuck. The schedules we have are an intense battle that you fight alongside the cast and crew. So if you had to play some schmuck day in and day out in the minds of America … it would be terrible.

ETonline: How challenging was this character for you Zach?
Levi: He’s still a pretty normal guy, it’s just that he forgets every morning, so in some ways it made the job easier because I didn’t have to worry about continuity [laughs]. But then in other ways, it was tougher because I had to think about the moments where he keeps meeting Molly for the first time — again and again and again. What does his face look like each time he falls in love with her? That was a fun puzzle to put together.

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