Hallmark Channel’s newest movie, Remember Sunday might give you some deja vu: think 50 First Dates with fewer laughs and a lot more heart.
In Remember Sunday, Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel plays Molly, a down-on-her luck waitress who can never seem to catch a break. That’s until she meets Gus, played by Chuck cutie Zachary Levi, and things finally start to look up. Unfortunately, three years ago, Gus suffered a brain aneurysm, which left him with complete loss of his short‐term memory. That means each day is a brand new day for Gus and, despite the fact that he is never able to remember Molly, there is something special about her makes him fall in love with her all over again. Every day.

At the film’s premiere Levi explained to Hollywood.com that Gus’s memory condition would be a challenge for any couple, but their determination is what makes Gus and Molly so special. “They have a lot of heart. They care about each other, and they care enough to struggle and try and work it out,” he said. Bledel agreed with the sentiment, saying she was drawn to Molly’s willingness to take chances with her heart. “They really both are willing to work hard to make somebody else happy and they just have such a great willingness to do that and naturally they’re just great people.”

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