Yvonne Strahovski went from fighting crime to committing it. On Chuck Strahovski played tough-as-nails agent Sarah Walker, who was tasked with protecting Zachary Levi’s Chuck but ended up falling for him. Last season on Dexer, Strahovski hopped over to the other side of the law when she inhabited the role of charismatic killer Hannah McKay.

The seventh season of Dexter (now out on DVD) was filled with plenty of twists and turns, especially when it came to the romance that blossomed between Dexter and Hannah. Before Dexter unrolls his last sheet of plastic, I caught up with Strahovski to talk about reprising her role as Hannah and all those Chuck movie rumors.

With the success of Kickstarter projects lately, like the recent one for the Veronica Mars movie, there’s been the idea of a Chuck movie floating around. Obviously the fans are still very passionate about the show and Zachary Levi has already said he’d be interested in doing one. Have you heard anything about the possibility of doing a Chuck movie?
To be honest nothing more than what you’re saying right now. Only the rumors and the bits and pieces on Twitter-land really. [Read the full interview]

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