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Appearing at Nerd HQ during the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con will be artwork from creative studio Elevendy that features Seth Green, Zachary Levi, Nathan Fillion, Stan Lee, Felicia Day and more in various “Nerds vs. Aliens” pieces. The one-of-a-kind prints feature today’s most famous nerds taking the fight to invading aliens, all in an effort to raise money for Operation Smile. The auction of seven 24″x36″ gallery-wrapped canvas prints and one massive 14′x3′ canvas print will go towards helping children afflicted by cleft lips and cleft palates, a worthy cause if ever there was one. Hit the jump to sample the prints that will be available at Comic-Con and to see how you can get your hands on your very own artwork!

Here are a couple of videos explaining “Nerds vs. Aliens” and Operation Smile, as well as showing off the nerds in question!

The full intel on the project, from its concept to how it came together to what it will look like when it debuts, and where it will be available at the con is here: [ Source ]

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