Coming off her seminal role as Agent Sarah Walker in Chuck, as well as a memorable stint on the recently ended Dexter, Yvonne Strahovski’s latest project is I, Frankenstein, in which she stars opposite Aaron Eckhart’s title character.

In the film, Strahovski plays Terra, a modern-day scientist who attempts to unlock the secrets of immortality and reanimation. Through her research, she comes upon the works of Victor Frankenstein and soon teams up with Frankenstein’s creature, now over 200 years old, in order to save humanity from possible doom.

IGN recently got a chance to speak with Strahovski about playing one of only two human characters in all of I, Frankenstein, as well as what it was like playing off of Eckhart’s creature and the rest of the supernatural ensemble…

IGN Movies: First of all, you play the main scientist in this, Terra — and she’s kind of a next-generation Dr. Frankenstein in a lot of ways. It’s funny, though, because I’m so used to seeing you in the action roles, but Terra is really more the brains behind the operation. Was that fun for you getting to play something a little different in this?

Yvonne Strahovski: Yeah, absolutely. It’s definitely something I looked for in the project. That was definitely a highlight for me, that she was going to be very different from what I had just wrapped, which was Chuck, and the action stuff. I mean, I did get a little envious of everyone who got to be a part of all the cool fight scenes. There’s always a part of me that really enjoys doing that stuff, but yeah, it was awesome to change it up and play the scientist that doesn’t have any physical training, but is definitely able in her own way and stands up for what she believes in.

IGN: One thing I thought was interesting about this movie is that it actually uses Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein as kind of the jumping off point for the rest of the film. Were you a fan of the Frankenstein novel or movies growing up?

Strahovski: Not really. Being a part of this movie was definitely my introduction to a lot of the Frankenstein mythology. I was obviously aware of Frankenstein — who isn’t? — but I hadn’t read the book, so I did read the novel as soon as I got the role. It did serve as a lot of inspiration. Like you said, I am sort of the modern-day version of Victor Frankenstein. Yeah, it was definitely informative.

IGN: This movie is really more of an action-thriller, but it’s drawing from the classic horror genre. Was that something that attracted you to this, getting to play in a modern world based on this iconic horror character?

Strahovski: Yeah, absolutely, and I love the fact that it isn’t just a horror movie. It’s this great, big action movie. It’s a thriller, and it’s got a lot of dramatic elements to it. Aside from that, as entertaining as it is, it’s really got this great story at the core of it, which is not something we’ve seen in a lot of the Frankenstein stuff in the past. We’ve seen the monster really discovering his human self, his potential to become someone better.

IGN: Obviously most of your scenes are with Aaron Eckhart. What was it like playing off of him, especially since he was in full makeup all the time?

Strahovski: I got used to it after awhile, I think, and I definitely high-fived myself for getting off easy on that one. I didn’t have to sit through all of the makeup that most of the other cast members — in fact, everyone, actually, aside from myself and another actor; we play the only two humans in the movie. A lot of people had to sit through the makeup and wear demon masks, which would have been pretty intense, I would imagine.

IGN: Your character actually has one of my favorite lines in the whole movie when she’s talking to Adam about how she doesn’t believe in demons and gargoyles — then a demon shows up, and…

Strahovski: Yeah! [Laughs] That’s also my favorite moment!

IGN: Like you said, you’re representing all of humanity in this — was that fun for you, getting to assume that unique role, or did you kind of want to play something a little more supernatural?

Strahovski: No, I loved it. I liked doing something like that. It’s funny, I realized after seeing the movie how much Terra serves as the eyes through which the audience sees the movie. I don’t think I really realized that as much when I was shooting it, but even as I watched it as an audience member, you really empathize through her and discover this world of gargoyles and demons through her.

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