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As for the star of “24,” Sutherland, she says he “knows the show inside and out. He lives and breathes his character. Between him and Jon Cassar, the in-house director and producer, they really know it very well.”

Cassar says of Strahovski: “Yvonne has been a great addition to the new ‘24.’ Not only is she very comfortable with the physical demands of her character but she moves through those scenes with a gravitas that makes you believe she’s been a CIA agent all her life. And if that isn’t enough, she does it all with a great attitude under very difficult shooting circumstances.”

Strahovski acknowledges shooting is “taxing on your body,” but she carves out time to take care of herself.

“I try and be as natural as I can. Less is more,” she says. “I had an addiction to sugar growing up — major, major, major. I calculated once that I ate about 400 liters of Nutella in a 10-year period. And I had to stop,” she says. “I had terrible skin because of it and I refused to believe sugar was my issue, because so many other people don’t have that problem.”

Banning sugar is as strident as Strahovski gets with her health and diet. For fitness, she relies not on the gym — “I hate putting aside time to work out” — but on what she calls “manual living.” This means using a whisk instead of an electric mixer, biking to the grocery store or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

“Often in the shower if I’m shaving my legs, instead of resting my foot on something, I’ll stand on one leg and balance,” she says, calling it “accidental yoga.”

Even as she steps further into the spotlight, Strahovski maintains she will stay true to her natural beauty. With a smile, she says, “Crow’s feet are nice.” [ Source ]

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