It’s easy to be overshadowed by Jack Bauer. The character, played by Kiefer Sutherland, is a force of nature. But Yvonne Strahovski has been up to the challenge on 24: Live Another Day.

The Australian actress plays Kate Morgan, the CIA agent who at first doggedly pursued Bauer when she believed he was a villain, then joined forces with him to thwart a terrorist plot in London.

Strahovski’s tough yet vulnerable performance has been one of the highlights of the show’s comeback season, which continues at 8 p.m. Monday on Fox en route to a July 14 finale.

1 What appealed to you about this character and this show?

I liked that we meet Kate at a low point in her life. She doesn’t have it all together. She’s been demoted from her job, which means she obviously has professional problems going on as well as personal problems because her husband was found out to be selling government secrets.

It gave me a starting point, somewhere to go up from, which we’re seeing Kate do now. Also, 24 is filmed in such a way that it’s really raw. It forces you to be very real. Not just with the acting, but physically. I was adamant that I didn’t want Kate to be glammed up. I wanted minimal makeup. It’s nice to focus on something that has this much intensity.

2 Is it a challenge to match Sutherland’s intensity in scenes with him?

I don’t think about it that way. I think about, “What would Kate do?” It’s about being as prepared as you possibly can be as an actor. Know the script, know the scenes and be ready for anything to change, which I think pays off in the end, because we shoot at an extremely fast pace.

When you’ve got Kiefer and director Jon Cassar on the set, it works very fast. But I definitely take inspiration from Kiefer. He really dives into this. He’s been doing it for so long and he has so much to contribute, and not just as Jack Bauer. He really is immersed in the machinery that is this show from all different aspects.

3 You also played an agent on Chuck (2007-12), but that series was mostly for laughs. Do you ever miss doing that kind of broadly comedic material?

It’s just a complete opposite. I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed at anything that anyone has done on 24. But it’s nice to flip that coin and try to make things as real as possible.

4 There has been speculation that Kate could get some kind of 24 spinoff. Is there any substance to such talk?

I don’t really know what to say about that. I’ve read a couple of articles here and there about that, so I don’t know. I’m just happy people seem to like Kate Morgan and I hope they continue to.

5 You’ve played Americans in Chuck , Dexter and 24 . Any desire to use your Aussie accent on TV?

It would be so weird. I’m really not used to doing anything in my own accent anymore. It is actually more normal for me to put on an accent. I feel more comfortable doing that than my own.

— David Martindale, Special to the Star-Telegram

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