Q) Your characters usually seem to be as tough mentally as they are physically. As an actor, which do you find more inviting to play; action sequences or intense, emotional scenes?

A) I think I’m more drawn to the intense, more emotional scenes. I like sort of exploring the human behavior that you have explore when looking at those kinds of scenes and I like looking at the reasons why people do things that they do because they’re often complicated and it’s not often just one reason as to why people do things the way they do. So I do like those more meatier scenes, but that’s not to say that I don’t love the physical stuff, too, because I do like that as well.

Q) In just a couple of short weeks here your character has obviously become very popular, popular to an extent that we’re now actually starting to hear rumors about a spin-off. I’m wondering what do you like about this role and would you consider continuing on as Kate past this series?

A) Oh, initially I liked the fact that we meet Kate at a low point in her life, you know, she doesn’t have it all together. She’s been demoted from her job, which means she obviously has professional problems going on as well as personal problems because her husband was found out to be selling government secrets to a foreign government. So, I feel like at the time she had it really gave me a starting point with somewhere to go from and somewhere to go up from, which is what we’re seeing Kate do now in this journey. As far as the spin-off stuff, I mean I don’t really know what to say about that. I’ve read a couple articles here and there about that, so I don’t really know. I’m just happy that people seem to like Kate Morgan and I hope that they continue to.

Q) Obviously, we know that you’re a talented actress, we saw that on Chuck. What I like about this series is that I feel like it’s more focused on your skills than anything else and I’m wondering when you have a top TV franchise of all time and you’ve got these top tier producers saying, “Yvonne is a talented actress, pay attention to her acting and not necessarily what she’s wearing or how she looks.” I mean for you as an actress I would think that that has to be rewarding.

A) Oh, I think that’s great, especially for something like this. That’s part of what attracted me to this role as well is because 24, it’s filmed in such a way that it’s really raw and really real and it forces you to sort of be very real. And on the same token not just with the acting, but physically I was adamant that I didn’t want her to be glammed up. I wanted minimal make up and the clothing had to be real, nothing fancy, you know something like what she would wear in real life, which was part of the draw for me because it is nice to just focus on scene work and something that has this much intensity in it. All of that drew me to this role.

Q) Did you initially have any reservations about joining such an established series with so much history already behind it, and what was day one like for filming?

A) I think my trepidation initially came just with the label that I would be playing a CIA agent purely because I’ve touched on something like that before in a previous series, but then obviously after that initial thought I realized this vehicle, this 24 is such a different show and not really something that I’ve been a part of before. It’s so unique in its own right, which is why it’s such a popular and widely known television show. I guess only halfway through filming did I realize that it really is more of a wild card than I initially thought because it was such an established television show and extremely well received over eight years and then it was off the air for four years. So we, I think, collectively, even the producers, didn’t really know how people were going to react to this so the fact that the response and the ratings have been quite good has been a lovely surprise because you’re in a vulnerable position when you’re sort of throwing out this 12 episode series of something that’s already so well established and the bar is set so high. [ Read More ]

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