From Chuck to Dexter to Jack Bauer, Yvonne Strahovski knows how to handle herself with guys.

As tough-but-troubled CIA agent Kate Morgan on 24, Strahovski’s character is on “a roll to prove herself,” she says.

On tonight’s episode (Fox, 9 ET/PT), Kate and Jack will finally get together. What can she tell us about it?

“Oh man, it’s so hard to tease without giving things away,” she told reporters in a Friday press call. “All I can say it’s a fun place to be in at this point. They’re obviously two strong-minded people. The world knows Jack Bauer probably a little better than they know Kate Morgan. It’s interesting, being the types of people they are. I’m not sure if they trust each other just yet, entirely. Even though they’re teaming up, they’re still agents, after all.”

But she promises “It’ll be a fun journey — it’s certainly a nice starting point now — to see where it goes.”

Does that mean sexual tension, a love story with Kate and Jack?

“Uh, no, that’s not really where we’re going with it. I don’t think it’ll be happening between Kate and Jack. Maybe elsewhere.”

She was also asked about a rumored spinoff built around her character, but said she knew nothing of it. .

” I’ve read a couple articles about that; I don’t really know,” she says.
“I’m just happy that people like Kate Morgan and hope that they continue to.” [ Source ]

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