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She’s proved to be more than a match for the world’s most dangerous secret agent.

Blond bombshell Yvonne Strahovski, who plays tough-as-nails CIA agent Kate Morgan on “24: Live Another Day,” says she took inspiration for the character from her co-star Kiefer Sutherland’s iconic hero, Jack Bauer.

“I definitely take inspiration from Kiefer,” says Strahovski. “I definitely saw early on the similarities between the two characters and I think it’s important for me as an actress to recognize those particular similarities that ought to be there between Jack Bauer and Kate Morgan.”

When the new “24” reboot began last month, viewers first met Morgan as a brilliant, but disgraced CIA operative whose husband, another agent, had leaked millions of secret documents to the Chinese government and then committed suicide.

“I was adamant that I didn’t want (Kate Morgan) to be glammed up.”

She was grilled for a month as to why she hadn’t suspected him and was due to lose her job as a high-ranking officer at the agency’s London bureau when she crossed paths with Bauer who has been branded a traitor but is trying to foil a plot to assassinate the President anyway.

Strahovski, who also played CIA agent Sarah Walker on NBC’s far lighter dramedy, “Chuck, ” says other than than both women working for the agency, there’s no comparison between the roles.

“‘Chuck’ was more cartoonish,” she says. “There was a lot of silliness… it’s baseline was comedy. It’s just sort of the complete opposite with something like this,” she says. “With (‘24’) you have make things seem as real as possible.”

Part of that, meant dressing down, she says.

“I was adamant that I didn’t want (Kate Morgan) to be glammed up,” she says. “I wanted minimal makeup and her clothing needed to be real — nothing fancy — something that she would wear in real life.”

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