As habitual watchers of Chuck, Dexter and, most recently, 24: Live Another Day already know, Yvonne Strahovski has helped put the action back in high-concept TV attraction.

The Australian-born-and-raised actress of Polish emigrants brought bombshell beauty and brains (plucky CIA agent Sarah Walker) and more than serial killer looks (Hannah McKay) to recent riveting roles. Now she’s pumping new life into an established franchise as Kate Morgan in 24’s rigorous reboot.

During a May 30 conference call from London for the 12-episode Fox series, which airs on consecutive Monday nights until its July 14 season finale, Strahovski (left) admitted she initially had concerns about playing another CIA field operative. But the ambitious, no-nonsense Kate Morgan is almost nothing like Sarah Walker, the equally driven but sometimes silly, always sexy partner of the title character in Chuck, the comedic NBC series that, even after building a loyal fan base, couldn’t avoid its demise in 2012.

Just like it would be insane to try to compare that light-hearted, romantic show to the gritty 24, which returned after a four-year hiatus by counting down another harrowing day in the life of protagonist Jack Bauer (played by seven-time Emmy nominee Kiefer Sutherland), who tries almost single-handedly to end global terrorism.

“I feel like with Chuck, because it was a comedy-based show, it was more cartoonish, if you like,” Strahovski said. “It was just more playful. We had a lot more fun with it. There was a lot of silliness in there. I mean, there were serious moments as well. And there was a lot of heart in that show. But its baseline was comedy. It’s just sort of the complete opposite with something like this. We don’t really see a lot of comedic moments in 24.

“In fact, I haven’t seen all of it, but from what I have seen, I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed at anything anyone has done on 24. So it really flips the coin. You have to try and make things as real as possible.”

That sense of realism was what attracted Strahovski to the role of Morgan, a feisty but wounded character who sometimes doesn’t go by the book and, after almost losing her job when her husband got caught selling secrets to a foreign government, is having to prove herself again. [ Source ]

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