Before there was even a Chuck & Sarah Media, I was helping out on Chrissy website she had before. I hope you guys enjoy this here is an interview she had with Yvonne Strahovski. Note there are three pages.

When fans of 24 heard Chuck and Dexter star Yvonne Strahovski was cast as rogue CIA Agent Kate Morgan in the new season, they couldn’t have been more ecstatic. Dubbed as the female version of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), since the premiere, Strahovski’s character has become extremely popular. And this week, ‘Team Bauer-Morgan’ is set to hit our screens as they work together to find the Al-Harazis.

Though still filming in London, Strahovski took the time to chat with journalists about her new role.

I think it’s safe to say Kate Morgan is dealing with a lot of demons, especially trying to make up for the fact that her husband was covertly selling government secrets to the highest bidder. This is one of the things that drew Strahovski to the role and gave her a starting point on which to build the character. “We meet Kate at the lowest point in her life. She doesn’t have it all together, she’s been fired from her job, which means she has professional problems going on as well as personal problems.”

Strahovski further explains that Morgan’s motives at this point are to make up for what her husband has done, and the fact she’d played a part in it, though unknowingly. It’s also a second chance for redemption.

First it was finding Jack Bauer, now it’ll be to help him find the terrorists. “Now she’s on a roll trying to prove it to herself and others around her.” Strahovski believes in trusting your instincts. Having said this, she feels that because of what happened with her husband, Kate has forgotten to use them. Although some see her as making drastic decisions, Strahovski looks at it as Kate going with her gut instinct. She reports that the audience will learn more about her shady husband’s background, and what happened, in upcoming episodes.
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