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It was NBC’s Chuck that brought Levi, 33, to Comic-Con, and he loved the experience so much that he decided to launch his own mini-convention, Nerd HQ (which hosts panels, parties and raises money for charity). As a member of the Battlestar Galactica cast — and currently in production on Syfy’s new Ascension — the 40-year-old Helfer’s Comic-Con bona fides are solid.

Do you have a disguise you have to wear if you’re walking the floor?

Levi: I think I maybe tried to walk the floor one year. If you stop at all, if just one person is like, “Hey, can I get a photo?,” a hundred other people will want to get a photo.

Helfer: My ego takes a hit when I go with Katee Sackhoff or other people on the show, and fans are like, “Oh my God! That’s Starbuck! Starbuck, can I get your autograph?” And I’m just sitting there.

What has been your favorite fan interaction?

Helfer: In one episode of Battlestar, I played this really damaged character — PTSD — and I’ve had people come up, and they say how it affected their lives, how it helped them get through a tough situation. That’s a nice feeling.

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