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IT was suggested to Australian actress Yvonne Strahovski that she change her name to Yvonne Stryker when she landed in Hollywood eight years ago.

However the strong minded starlet refused, and instead changed the spelling so it was spelt phonetically.

“Look, at the end of the day, it was my call,” she told GQ Magazine.

“So I have the same last time – but now it’s spelt phonetically, so people know how to pronounce it.

The actress cracked Hollywood thanks to her breakout role in TV series Chuck in 2007.

However the blonde beauty has since revealed just how gruelling the process of making a network TV show is.

“I’m forever grateful for that job and I made a name for myself over there with that show, but it was hard because of the hours,” Strahovski told GQ Magazine.

“It would have been nice to have received a warning about how involved it is to shoot a network show … yeah, it’s very involved.”

Since leaving Australia for LA in 2007, the University of Western Sydney graduate has since gone on to star in Broadway’s Golden Boy, film The Guilt Trip; I, Frankenstein, Dexter, Louis and 24 — Live Another Day — a role she hesitated taking on.

“I’ll be honest, there was some trepidation around doing 24 because I was playing another CIA agent,” she said.

“I knew the shows would be different, but both (Chuck’s) Sarah Walker and (24’s) Kate Morgan are similar kick-arse women — so I put a lot of thought into how I’d make them different.”

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