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Levi, who can currently be seen in NBC’s “Heroes Reborn,” will continue his work on the development of the half-hour series “Tuned.” Penned by Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont and executive-produced by Levi and Eva Longoria, “Tuned” was previously described as a “musical half-hour about an ambitious New Yorker … whose life is upended by sudden musical hallucinations. While these vivid hallucinations threaten to completely derail his enviable life, he’ll eventually realize that they might lead him on a more fulfilling journey.”

It was also reported that Levi will be a guest star on Longoria’s new comedy series “Telenovela.” The actor, who provided the voice of the bandit Flynn Rider in the animated Disney feature “Tangled,” will also be involved in the optioning and development of various projects for Universal.

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