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Zachary Levi makes no small plans. About two years ago, the actor (you might know him as Chuck, from the sleeper mid-2000s series Chuck) sold his house in Los Angeles — a city he’d lived in for 15 years — and bought a few dozen acres of Texas ranch land just outside Austin. And then he started building.

“I want to build a film studio,” he says. “A studio that’s also kind of like an artist commune. Almost like a resort — almost like an amusement park! I want to build a really cool place where people like myself can live full-time, work full-time, and play full-time. It’s probably a 50-year project, all told.”

So he’s starting with the easy stuff: remodelling the old farmhouse that came with the property, where he plans to live, and then a few other cabins and outbuildings for guests. And then? Maybe a pool. Maybe some slides — because who doesn’t like slides? “I feel really blessed that I’m at a time in my life when I have an adult-sized sandbox,” he says. “And I don’t get to go push Tonka trucks — I get to push Caterpillar machines around. It’s pretty cool.”

It really is a good time to be Zachary Levi — and if he’s thinking about slides, it’s only because, career-wise, he’s way at the top. In 2019, he’s already won a SAG Award for his ensemble work on the second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Amazon’s award-gobbling series about a divorcee comedienne in the 1960s. And this spring, he’s starring as the title character in the blockbuster Shazam!

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